I live and paint in East Burke, Vermont. My husband and I live on a small farm, with horses, dogs, cats and chickens. My studio is named for Gaddy, a wonderful horse who really does look red in certain lights. (She's a sorrel, to give her color the correct equine name.)


Located on a ridge, we look to Burke Mountain to the east and to the north is Willoughby Gap, a dramatic profile where a glacial lake formed in the last ice age lies between two mountains. The countryside, the exciting seasonal changes in northeastern Vermont, and our animals all are endlessly energizing and inspiring.


I came to full-time painting late, but have had the pleasure and benefit of three excellent teachers: Frank Webb, Charles Reid, and Barbara Nechis. From them I learned many valuable approaches and have incorporated the ones that fit into my own style. I aim to draw accurately, paint freely, and to bring energy,light and rich color into my work. Although the paintings are of places and people, the real subjects are my responses to light and color.


Recent exhibitions: Solo and/or group shows at Catamount Arts, St. Johnsbury VT; Miller's Thumb, Greensboro VT; Miller's Fare, Littleton NH; The Gallery at WREN, Bethlehem NH; and the Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild, St. Johnsbury VT.


Selected paintings are always on view at the Northeast Kingdom Artisan Guild in St. Johnsbury VT, and at WREN in Bethlehem NH.


My cards are available at Bailey's and Burke, East Burke VT; Green Mountain Books, Lyndonville VT; Village Bookstore, Littleton NH; Miller's Thumb, Greensboro VT; Joe's Pond Craft Shop, West Danville VT and the NEK Artisans Guild, St. Johnsbury VT.